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FAQ Training

Does the price include the material of studying?
The price includes quality learning by some of the best professors in town as well as comfortable hall rooms, but does not include the price.

Will there be studying material available at AFB Consulting?
We can tell you about the best material to purchase, as we do not provide studying material.

Where does AFB Consulting conduct its training courses?
All training courses are tailored to be instructed in training labs, either at our premises or at the clients' own premises, depending on the number of candidates and the course duration.

Do you help us to get a VISA to the U.S.?

We do not have the authority to help you with that, but all we can do is to give you a letter "Attendance certificate", that you have completed a CPA preparation course successfully, and that you are ready to take the exam in U.S.

Are there discounts of any kind?
Yes, discounts are applied in some cases, for more details, read the terms of payment refund policy.

What are the means of Payment?
You can pay in cash at our office or at any HSBC branch; we do not accept credit cards.

How do I register to the course?
Bring a copy of your ID and a receipt of (payment-transfer), and you fill the application form online or at our office.

What is the limit number of participants?
The limit number is twenty participants. The priority is for the early payments.

How can I make sure I know about future programs?
We send periodic news letters to our mailing list.

What is the language in which the course is conducted?
The course original language is English, but it is conducted in Arabic language and we can arrange for English speakers group with the instructor.

What is the bank in which I should make the payment or the transfer?
AFB consulting bank account is in HSBC, the account number is 014047047001, and the account name is AFB consulting.