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FAQ Recruitment

You mentioned that you are specialized financial recruiters, does this mean you deal with candidates ONLY in the financial field?
Although we specialize in financial recruitment, we also recruit candidates from other fields like: human resources, marketing, IT, etc.

What is the full range of services provided by AFB Consulting?
Recruitment, Accounting Outsourcing, Staff Outsourcing & Financial Training. To know more about our services please Click here.

Do you interview candidates before presenting them to your clients?
Yes, this is our policy.

What kind of feedback do you give regarding the prospected candidates?
We issue a detailed report after interviewing prospected candidates & present it along with the short list and send it to our clients.

Can AFB Consulting conduct any tailored technical interviews?
Yes, we can conduct any tailored interview requested by our clients to verify any special skills & qualifications required for the job.

Do CV's have to be submitted in a special format? Can CV's be emailed or faxed?
All CVs must be sent in MS Word Format (.doc) via our Submit CV section, we don't accept CV's received by email or fax.

How is my CV treated? Will it be given for any client to see?
All CV's are treated with a high level of confidentiality; we never send a candidate’s CV to a client without getting back to the candidate first to ask for his/her permission.

How can I contact AFB?
Click here for our contact details.